Ethereum (ETH)

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Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

Missoula County Commissioners Look To Require Renewable Energy Practices For Mining Operations

Despite heavy zoning and energy requirements, the county wants to remain open…

Japan-Based SBI Holdings Establishes Crypto Chip Mining Manufacturing Subsidiary

The mega-corporation hopes to help stabilize the crypto market.Powered by WPeMatico

Old Cardinal RAT Malware Resurrects Through Series Of Updates

Israeli tech companies, beware: This malware family is back after two years…

Switzerland To Adapt Existing Legislation For Crypto Regulation

Switzerland’s executive branch will undertake the unenviable task of clearing up the…

13 hours ago
Today ETH has a scalability plan that is more adequate for L2 blockchains, money and community momentum, while ETC has the correct design, security and monetary policy.

Model for a Rational Ethereum and #EthereumClassic Collaboration by @MyEtherplan
16 hours ago
Layer 2 solutions are coming for PoW blockchain that offer all of the features of a PoS blockchain.

"Proof of Stake is Meh" - New #BlogPost by @ETCLabs Tech Coordinator, Stevan ( @stevanlohja)
#ClassicIsComing #EthereumClassic
20 hours ago
New Episode
Let's Talk ETC! #71 - Anthony Lusardi ( @pyskell) - Latest in ETCLand

• New ETC Co-op Director @BobSummerwill
• Public RPC API endpoint -
@Yazanator to speak at #EDCON
#ETCSummit2019 Oct. 3-4 Vancouver
1 day ago
The Metronome team has successfully completed tested chainhops between the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic testnets — and back.
1 day ago
Community-wide conversation regarding “decentralized improvement processes” planned for Friday in ETC Discord